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Misconceptions about Traumatic Brain Injuries

It used to be called “getting your bell rung” or “seeing stars.” Now we know that those are symptoms of a traumatic brain injury. According to the Mayo Clinic, concussions are caused by a blow to the head or by violent shaking of the head and upper body, and symptoms can include “headaches and problems…Read More »

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Eminent Domain: Current and Emerging Issues

Dan Hannula, founding partner of Hannula Halom & Scherz, was recently invited to speak at the “Eminent Domain: Current and Emerging Issues” seminar, put on by CLE International, in Las Vegas. His presentation, titled “Taking it All: When Power Line Easements Had to Take the Whole Property,” dealt with “uneconomic remnants” in condemnation. An “uneconomic…Read More »

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Hannula Halom & Scherz Welcomes New Attorney

For the second time since 2007, Hannula Halom & Scherz has hired an associate. Kevin Van Ert began working at Hannula Halom & Scherz as a summer associate in 2013 before ultimately returning to the firm after graduating in May 2014. Kevin is a lifelong Superior resident who takes tremendous pride in his community. He…Read More »


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